EDIMAX - 已停止供售產品 - Ethernet Network Access Controller - 2WAN + 8LAN Network Access Controller (Manages 4 EW-7206APg)

2WAN + 8LAN Network Access Controller (Manages 4 EW-7206APg)


  • Single login account roaming among various APs
  • Centralized AP management
  • Role-based and policy-based access control
  • Multiple authentication methods
  • User based bandwidth management
  • Dual Wan ports for emergency fail over
  • Simple guest accounts creation and management
  • Best performance with up to 50 concurrent users

AC-M1000 is a Network Access Controller specially designed for wired and wireless network in small to medium size businesses. It integrates network management and secures data transmission to ensure a mobile and  efficient  working  environment.

The AC-M1000 has 4 controlled ports and 4 uncontrolled ports. Combining our EW-7206apg, you will be able to create and manage the network wired and wirelessly. System administrators can effectively monitor wired and wireless users, either employees or guests, via AC-M1000 user management interface. Moreover, administrators can discover, configure, monitor, and upgrade all manageable access points (EW-7206APg) from a single, centralized AP management interface. AC-M1000 allows administrators to regulate wired and wireless network systems efficiently and protect the network

Key Features

  • VPN secured network technology
  • Snigle login account roaming among various APs
  • Centralized AP management
  • Role-based and Policy-based access control
  • Multiple authentication methods
  • Dual WAN ports for emergency fail over
  • User based bandwidth management
  • Record of individual traffic history
  • Simple guest accounts creation and management


Simplified LAN Deployment and Management Platform
Easily integrates with the existing network infrastructure.
Friendly interface for centralized management platform; no need for IT outsourcing.
High efficiency, high flexibility, and low equipment cost.
Best solution to manage both wireless and wired network.

Powerful Network Security Capabilities
Advanced IPSec VPN encryption to enhance the security of wired and wireless data transmission.
Data packets filtering through built-in firewall
Diverse user authentication management platforms, including NT, LDAP, RADIUS, POP3, and Local Database.

Comprehensive Network User Management Platform
Supports various authentication platforms.
Manages various types of users via policy-based control approach.
Provides detailed individual traffic history log for analysis and record keeping.
Manages user accounts in policy-oriented manner, including bandwidth, account valid time, route, authentication, and  firewall settings.
Individual bandwidth control enables flexible traffic control to prevent P2P download.
Manage on-demand user accounts according to different conditions with billing, including valid time, bandwidth usage, number of packet transferred

Centralized Access Point (EW-7206APg) Management
Supports centralized control and automatic AP discovery.
Manages and monitors of APs via the management interface, including AP system settings, online status, enabling, disabling, reset, and firmware upgrade
Periodically monitors APs and forces problematic APs to reset.

Supports Router, NAT mode
Supports Static IP, DHCP, PPPoE on WAN interface.
Chooses freely which LAN Port is authentication-enabled. (Default 4 controlled ports)
Contains built-in DHCP server and support DHCP relay.
Support NAT:
    (a) IP/Port Destination Redirection
    (b) DMZ Server Mapping
    (c) Virtual Server Mapping
    (d) H.323 Pass-Through
Support sstatic routing
Supports SMTP redirection
Supports Walled Garden (free surfing zone)
Supports MAC Address Pass-Through
Supports HTTP Proxy
Contains built-in hardware-based VPN accelerator.

Security Features
Supports data encryption: WEP(64/128-bit), WPA, WPA2,  IPSec VPN.
Supports various authentication methods: WPA-PSK, WPA2-  PSK,
Provides VPN termination of IPSec tunnels to enhance wireless security.
Supports VPN pass-through (IPSec and PPTP).
Supports DoS attack protection
Supports MAC Access Control List
Supports user Black List
Allows MAC address and user identity binding for local user authentication

AP Management
Supports IEEE 802.11b/g AP (EW-7206APg).
Provides centralized management via HTTP/SNMP interface.
Discovers APs automatically.
Adds and deletes APs directly from the device list.
Enables or disables APs easily via management interface.
Provides MAC Access Control List for each AP.
Maintains configuration profiles of APs via local terminal.
Upgrades and restores AP firmware via one single management interface.
Monitors AP system status and associated client stations.
Recovers APs automatically when the system fails.
Provides alarms and warnings of AP system status when necessary.
Detects third-party APs via Monitor IP feature.

Monitoring and Reporting
Monitors online users' status.
Monitors network devices by IPs.
Alerts WAN connection failure.
Supports Syslog for diagnosing and troubleshooting.
Provides user network traffic history.

User Management
Supports multiple authentication methods simultaneously, including Local and On-demand accounts, POP3(S), LDAP,  RADIUS, and NT Domain.
Provides Role-based and Policy-based access control, such as per-role assignments on Firewall policies, Routing, Login Schedule, and Bandwidth.
Provides user session management:
    (a) SSL protected login portal page.
    (b) Choice for multiple logins with one single account.
    (c) Session idle timer.
    (d) Account expiration control.
    (e) Notification e-mail with a hyperlink to login portal page.
    (f) Windows domain transparent login.
    (g) Configurable login time frame.

Accounting and Billing
Supports RADIUS accounting and RADIUS VSA (Vendor Specific Attribute).
Contains built-in billing profiles for on-demand accounts.
Provides session expiration control for on-demand accounts.
Provides billing report on screen for on-demand accounts
Provides detailed per-user network traffic history for both local and on-demand user  accounts.
Supports automatic e-mail to report network traffic history.

System Administration
Supports multilingual and web-based management user interface.
Provides customizable login and logout portal page.
Provides SSH remote management.
Upgrades firmware remotely.
Provides NTP time synchronization function.
Supports console management interface.
Provides backup and restore configuration.

Capacity and Performance

Model No. AC-M1000
Concurrent Users 50
Local Accounts 500 
Instant Guest Accounts 2,000
Managed AP (EW-7206APg) 4
Monitored 3rd-party Access Points 40
VPN Termination Tunnels 50
VPN 3DES/DES Throughput 30 Mbps
Humidity 0-90% (Non-Condensing)


Model No. AC-M1000
Form Factor Mini-desktop
Dimensions (W x D x H)    243 mm x 150 mm x 45.5 mm
 Weight  1.4kg
Operating Temperature  0~45o
 Power 110~220VAC, 50/60Hz 
 WAN Ports 2 x 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX RJ-45 
 LAN Ports 8 x 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX RJ-45 
 Console Port  1 x RJ-11
LED Indicators 1 x Power, 2 x WAN, 8 x LAN
Certifications CE, FCC