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EdiGreen AirBox Air Quality Monitoring Solution

The EdiGreen Air Quality Monitoring family is designed to bring high-quality life for the community, and offers consistent recurring revenue for the management of EdiGreen Cloud services to our distributors. The three main benefits are:

  • Air Quality Sensors

    Smart air-quality detectors, sensors that provide quick, accurate and consistent environmental sensing data to help the users to understand the surrounding air quality.

  • EdiGreen Cloud

    Secure, adaptive and customizable modular cloud architecture designed and compatible with various IoT applications that offer future expansions to trending cloud services.

  • Big Data Analysis

    With air quality data collected and visualized on maps, charts and graphs, the big data can be analyzed and used by research facilities and communities.

Multiple Country Tested Approved

Edimax Air Quality Sensors Achieved a Steady and Accurate Ratio Reading, Compared with EPA Approved Equipment.

  • Edimax EdiGreen AirBox sensor tested approved USA


  • Edimax EdiGreen AirBox sensor tested approved UAE


  • Edimax EdiGreen AirBox sensor tested approved Korea


  • Edimax EdiGreen AirBox sensor tested approved Taiwan


Around the World State-of-the-art IoT System

  • Edimax EdiGreen AirBox Real Time Data


    Minutes updated of real-time data. Click for real-time data.

  • Edimax EdiGreen AirBox Sensors, Stations


    Air Quality stations deployed around the world.

  • Edimax EdiGreen AirBox over 50 Countries worldwide


    Countries participated in the EdiGreen AirBox program.

Sensor-to-the-cloud IoT Solution


Case Studies

Built for Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality Real-Time Monitoring

Smart City/Environmental Protection Projects

Commercial Usage of Business Applications

EDIMAX AirBox case study Taiwan 6 cities

Civil IoT Taiwan

World’s largest IoT environmental sensing system. Built for Smart City projects, environmental researches, and educational purposes.

EDIMAX AirBox case study Air Around Chicago, USA

Air Around Chicago, USA

A city-wide network of air quality monitoring program organized by the Institute for Population and Precision Health of the University of Chicago.

Edimax EdiGreen AirBox case study: School in Gyeongsangnamdo, Korean

Gyeongsangnamdo Office of Education, Korean

The first successful business model of AirBox that integrated with air quality monitors, real-time data display, improvement and cloud services.

EDIMAX AirBox case study: Taoyuan Metro in Taiwan

Taoyuan Metro, Airport MRT, Taiwan

World's first metro system that adopted an integrated indoor and outdoor AirBox solution and integrated EDIMAX cloud data with it's operation control system. 

EDIMAX EdiGreen AirBox case study: hospital



EDIMAX EdiGreen AirBox case study: hotel



EDIMAX EdiGreen AirBox case study: Kindergarten or Campusegym

Kindergarten or Campuse


EDIMAX EdiGreen AirBox case study: gym



EDIMAX EdiGreen AirBox case study: shopping mall

Shopping Mall


EDIMAX EdiGreen AirBox case study: smart building, office

Smart Building, Office


AirBox Air Quality Monitoring Solution

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EDIMAX EdiGreen AirBox Smart Air Quality Detector with PM2.5, Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Product Profile

Smart Wireless Indoor & Seim-Outdoor Air Quality Detector with Cloud & Big Data

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Semi-Outdoor 3-in-1 Air Quality Detector


Indoor 7 or 8-in-1 Air Quality Detector


Real-Time Cloud & Big Data

Semi-Outdoor 3-in-1 Air Quality Detector

AI-1001W V3
3-in-1 Multi-Sensor: PM2.5, Temperature and Humidity

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Indoor 7 or 8-in-1 Qir Quality Detector

AI-2002W & AI-2003W
7-in-1 ​Multi-Sensor: PM2.5, PM10, CO2, TVOC, HCHO, Temperature and Humidity

8-in-1 ​Multi-Sensor: PM2.5, PM10, CO2, CO, TVOC, HCHO, Temperature and Humidity

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Real-Time Cloud & Big Data

The real-time data from the AirBox series sensors can immediately be fed to an air improvement system or transmitted to the cloud for further analysis. The real-time detected data can be viewed from the EdiGreen APP or web. Each sensor can check the historical data, such as hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly conditions from the system dashboard.

Real-Time Data Online


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