Edimax Pro Professional Business Wi-Fi Network Solution - Overview

Business Grade Wi-Fi Solution

Easy Deployment, Built for Professional Heavy Users

Edimax Pro Products Access Points, Wireless AP Controller, Switch

Always Stays Connected

Reliable Seamless Roaming Wi-Fi in Office or at Home. Edimax Pro Wi-Fi supports fast roaming keeps your wireless devices always-connected without lag or interruption. Provides reliable data and voice communications.

Exceptional Business Wi-Fi

  • High Speed,
    High Efficiency

    Edimax Pro Business Wi-Fi Benefit, High Performance & High Efficiency

    Supports the high-speed 802.11ac or 802.11ac Wave 2 with MU-MIMO that connects more devices simultaneously and enhances Wi-Fi efficiency for high bandwidth data or video transmission. 

  • High Sensitivity,
    Wide Coverage

    Edimax Pro Business Wi-Fi Benefit Wide Coverage & High Sensitivity

    With adjustable RF output power and high receiver sensitivity, Edimax Pro APs are ready to provide wide Wi-Fi coverage where it's needed the most across large spaces for every corner.

  • Reliable Connection,
    Optimized Performance

    Edimax Pro Business Wi-Fi Benefit Reliable Connection & Optimized Wi-Fi

    Fast roaming IEEE 802.11r/802.11k for reliable data and voice communications. Featuring Beamforming, AirTime Fairness, Band Steering for improved Wi-Fi range, reliability and performance.

  • High Density,
    BYOD Environments

    Edimax Pro Business Wi-Fi Benefit High Density & BYOD

    For high-density usage in crowded and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments of offices, enterprise, campus and public areas, Edimax Pro AP supports up to 100~200 users simultaneously. 

  • Secure Access,
    Separated Networks

    Edimax Pro Business Wi-Fi Benefit Secure Access, Separated Networks

    Support up to 32 Multiple SSIDs, VLAN and built-in RADIUS server for independent secure Wi-Fi access, ideal for multiple departments, customers or guests, to protect sensitive company information and supervise acces to internal networks.

  • NO License Fees,
    Flexible Management

    Edimax Pro Business Wi-Fi Benefit Free License, Flexible Configuration tools

    Depending on the scales of the Wi-Fi networks, Edimax Pro offers three optional Wi-Fi management tools, built-in NMS, SKYMANAGE PC software and stand-alone AP controller, all with free of license fees.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

  • Self-Registration
    Wi-Fi Access

    Edimax Pro Access Point Business Wi-Fi SMS Authentication

    SMS Authentication* is a simple way to authorize users via mobile phone SMS (Short Message Service) when connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots.
    *Supported with project base.

  • Customized
    Login Page

    Edimax Pro Access Point Business Wi-Fi Captive Portal

    Create Captive Portals for customized login page with company logo, marketing banners and terms of service. Users are required to pass through the portal to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

  • User-Friendly
    Wi-Fi Ticketing

    Edimax Pro Access Point Business Wi-Fi Ticketing

    Supports Wi-Fi Ticketing for hotspots such as hotels or libraries with Wi-Fi account, password and limited-time access. The information can be printed on a user-friendly ticket using any printers.

Perfect, Easy, Flexible Management

Free of License Fees

  • Built-in NMS (Network Management Suite)

    Edimax Pro NMS (network management suite), access point controller, ap controller

    Built-in with Edimax Pro CAP, WAP and OAP1750 Access Points, NMS supports an AP array architecture, which enables the central management up to 8 or 16 access points. The built-in RADIUS (AAA) server supports authentication up to 512 user accounts for maximum security.

  • Stand Alone APC500 Wireless AP Controller

    Edimax Pro APC500 AP controller, network management suite, access point control

    Scale your network according to your business. The APC500 AP controller enables efficient and remote central management of up to 200 access points, configured according to your business needs to create a powerful, easy to use network architecture.

  • Free SKYMANAGE PC Software for Multi-Site

    Edimax Pro skymange pc software, access point controller, ap controller, multi-site, remote management control

    SKYMANAGE PC is an easy-to-use Wi-Fi network management software to easily deploy, configure, manage and monitor connected Edimax Pro Wi-Fi access points and Wi-Fi devices from anywhere with security. It is ideal for multiple sites business or SI projects that can be remotely controlled up to 10 multiple sites and up to 250 APs.

Mobility and Productivity Anywhere.

Business Wi-Fi Solutions

  • Indoor & Outdoor Access Points
  • Wi-Fi Management Software and Controller
  • PoE Web Smart Switches
Edimax Pro Business Wi-Fi Solutions, indoor to outdoor, wired to wireless

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