EDIMAX Celebrates as the Winner of 3 AI Solutions at the Taiwan Excellence Award 2024

Taiwan Excellence Award 台灣精品獎

EDIMAX Celebrates as the Winner of 3 AI Solutions at
the Taiwan Excellence Award 2024

Taipei, Taiwan, Oct. 31, 2023
Continuing its streak of success, EDIMAX Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 3047), the internationally recognized and leading brand, is proud to announce its straight win at the Taiwan Excellence Award 2024 for 3 AI solutions. This makes EDIMAX 24th time in winning the Taiwan Excellence Award. EDIMAX has been recognized for dozens of its innovative products over the years. This year, three of EDIMAX's standout products have earned top honors, showcasing the company's dedication to bringing user-friendly and advanced AI tech solutions to its customers worldwide.Taiwan Excellence Award 2024 FR-200 SPI Firewall

The AI Active Unified Threat Management Firewall (Model FR-200). This firewall offers a mix of safety features, including the SPI firewall, Policy Based Routing (PBR), multi-WAN load balancing, various VPN, most notably an AI-powered email filter. It's designed to keep unwanted emails out, making online safety straightforward for businesses.

The Wi-Fi HaLow HawkEye AI Kilometer-Grade Ultra Long-Range IoT System (Model AH-107) is a standout in the world of wireless tech. With a range covering over a kilometer, this system combines a main Gateway, AI cameras, EH air quality sensors, and an easy-to-use cloud management system. Users can expect features like fire alerts and air quality updates, remote sites monitoring, making it both practical and innovative. It's perfect for the Smart Factory and Smart Farm wide coverage areas applications.

Rounding up the list is the All-in-one AI Floodlight Alarm Outdoor Wireless Vandal-proof Surveillance System (Model IC-351FW) is EDIMAX's answer to modern security needs. Bringing together smart floodlights, AI image recognition, and a security cloud, this system helps users stay alert to unusual activities around their property. It's designed to be simple yet effective, offering a blend of safety and convenience for the residential, community and business buildings.
Taiwan Excellence Award 2024 AH-107 HaLow Long Range Wi-Fi System
As EDIMAX continues its trajectory of AI tech excellence, these award-winning products reflect the company's unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks in the industry.

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