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EDIMAX Receives ISO 27001 Certification with the AirBox Total Security Cloud Service

EDIMAX Receives ISO 27001 Certification
with the AirBox Total Security Cloud Service


Taipei, Taiwan
EDIMAX Technology (TPE: 3047), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced network communication solutions, to announce it has passed the ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS) international standard certification and has fully adopted the system to strengthen the security of the Total Security Cloud Services System as of December 2020.

Aligned with ISO 27001 | All Compliance Completed

ISO27001 (formally known as ISO/IEC 27001) is a specification used to establish a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical, and technical processes involved in an organization’s information risk management processes. EDIMAX has been reviewed and counseled by ONWARD Security, an independent security compliance solutions provider, to receive the certification and build up a complete information security management procedure.

The EDIMAX task force completed the works for ISO27001 implementation by systematically examining the information security risks and considering the threat, vulnerabilities, and impacts. The security controls in the company are designed and implemented in a coherent and comprehensive suite to cover all groups and control categories, such as information security policies, organization of information security, human resource security, asset management, access control, physical and environmental security, operations security, communications security, system acquisition/development and maintenance, supplier relations, information security incident management, information security aspects of business continuity management, laws for internal/external compliances.

Cloud IoT Structure | Full Enhancement 

Nowadays, more innovative applications have emerged in the cloud with 5G, AI, and Internet-of-Things technologies. EDIMAX has been focusing on the air quality IoT environmental platform since 2016; the business strategy successfully widens its horizons from a consumer/enterprise networking solution provider to an essential role of government projects for Smart City markets. 

The widely distributed IoT system in the Smart City project connects the cloud system, the network infrastructure, and thousands of end devices. “It means the whole system takes on public welfare issues and faces many security threats.” EDIMAX indicated.

For example, EDIMAX strengthens the security of the AirBox platform with Total Security Cloud (TSC) service system, which consists of Cloud, IoT network sensors and devices, and mobile management applications, working 24/7 to collect and transmit real-time environmental data. 
EDIMAX emphasizes that the TSC system, which includes Web Server, API Server, Monitor Server, Provision Server, Device Server, etc, are running with efficient load balancing platforms. Further ensuring stable data transmissions from a large number of IoT terminals. Based on PKI/TLS protocol's information security framework, the TSC system uses encryption and digital signature to check endpoints' validity, ensuring the system provides real-time monitoring in a secured network for fast risk management or system backup problem respond. 

Meeting Security Standards | Core Commitment Value

With experts and a well-trained team, EDIMAX has reviewed its information security management system through the ISO 27001 audit work to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data are properly protected on precautionary steps. 

An ISO 27001 certification represents EDIMAX’s continuing commitment to meeting rigorous information security standards. All standardized action procedures are established for routine, preventative, and reactive maintenance of information asset management and information security risk control.

Ensuring the information security of customers’ data is a mission-critical focus. EDIMAX strengthens the information security awareness of management-level, all employees, and third-party suppliers with ISO 27001. It holds people accountable for their decisions, actions, inactions and fortifies the obligation to protect the company and customers’ data security from being affected.  

EDIMAX takes action to represent its significant investment and commitment to information security management. The company believes that the ISO 27001 enhances its brand image and security capabilities and is expected to flesh out the AIoT and SMB networking businesses for the upcoming year 2021.


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