500Mbps Nano PowerLine Adapter with Integrated Power Socket


  • Easy plug-n-play setup and 128 bit AES security
  • Maximum powerline speed of 500Mbps
  • Backward compatible with 200Mbps powerline adapters
  • Features energy saving mode to reduce power consumption
  • Utilizes existing electrical wires to transmit network data
  • Powerline transmission range up to 300 meters
  • Integrated power socket with noise filter

Transmit Network Data via Existing Electrical Wires

The Edimax HP-5101AC can turn the existing electrical wires in your home or office into a high-speed network. Complicated, disruptive and unsightly cabling is no longer necessary - if your home or office doesn’t have an existing Ethernet cable infrastructure, the HP-5101AC enables you to create a network environment easily and cost-effectively.

Integrated Power Socket with Noise Filter

With the Edimax HP-5101AC, no electrical outlet goes to waste. It is built with an integrated power socket, which you can use with any electrical device. So even when the HP-5101AC is plugged into a socket, you can still plug another electrical device into the HP-5101AC and have your usual socket capacity. The in-built noise filter also ensures that you do not experience a sudden drop of network speed when a high power consuming electrical device is being used.

500Mbps AV500 Standard & IGMP Support

The Edimax HP-5101AC supports IGMP managed multicast streams. The HP-5101AC can transmit network data over existing electrical wires at speeds of up to 500Mbps. It is also backward compatible with the 200Mbps AV200 standard and has a transmission range of up to 300 meters. IGMP can be used for online gaming and video streaming applications, and allows for more efficient use of network resources. With the HP-5101AC, you can transfer high-definition video and digital audio quickly and easily.

128-Bit AES Encryption

With built-in compliance with the 128-bit AES encryption standard, the Edimax HP-5101AC provides superior powerline network security.



  • Plug an HP-5101AC to a power outlet and connect it to a broadband router.
  • Plug another HP-5101AC to a power outlet and connect it to a computer's Ethernet port to establish a powerline connection.

Edimax HP-5101AC application iagram
*Powerline adapters must be deployed in sets of two or more.

500/200Mbps is the maximum theoretical communication speed at the physical layer via electric power lines based on the IEEE 1901 standard.


  • The HP-5101AC fits perfectly into existing wall sockets
  • The HP-5101AC ‘s nano size, low profile design is slim and compact, meaning it only occupies a single power socket.

Edimax HP-5101AC size



 HP-5101ACK PowerLine Adapter Kit with Integrated Power Socket (2 pcs of HP-5101AC)


Interface 1 x AC plug
1 x RJ45 10/100Mbps LAN port
1 x Power socket
LED Indicator Power, Ethernet,  Powerline
Button 1 x Group/ Reset button
Power Source 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
Dimensions 93 x 57 x 39 mm
Standards IEEE 1901
IEEE 802.3
IEEE 802.3u
Frequency 2MHz~68MHz
Modulation Schemes OFDM 4096/ 1024/ 256/ 64/ 16/ 8-QAM, QPSK, BPSK, ROBO modulation schemes
Operating Range Up to 300 meters over a home's electrical circuit
Functions  Supports IPv6, IGMP, and MLD snooping
Supports VLAN pass-through
Integrated Quality of Service (QoS)
Utility software
Security 128-bit AES link encryption
Certification CE
Environmental Condition Operating temperature: 0°C - 40°C
Operating humidity: 10 - 90% (non-condensing)
Package Content 1 x Powerline Adapter
1 x RJ45 Ethernet Cable
1 x Quick Installation Guide
1 x CD with setup wizard, user manual & multi-language QIG

*500Mbps is the maximum theoretical communication speed at the physical layer via electric power lines.
**Powerline adapters must be deployed in sets of two or more.
*Maximum performance, actual data rates, and coverage will vary depending on network conditions and environmental factors.
*Actual viewing resolution and frame rate of network cameras depend on connection speed.
*Product specifications and design are subject to change without notice.