Embedded Wireless IoT Solution - Why Edimax?




EDIMAX has more than 30 years experiences for providing networking products and expect the industrial-grade Wi-Fi USB Adapter, EDIMAX offers various wireless USB adapters. With the professional hardware and software design teams, EDIMAX makes integration easily and simplified the process to advance your devices to the next level with wireless connectivity.

  • Quality Like No Other

    Quality Like
    No Other

  • Custom Build

    Custom Build

  • World Class Certifcations

    World Class

  • Short Time-to-Market


Quality Like No Other

  • Strong R&D

    Strong R&D

    Dedicated R&D team, fully focused on function, performance and quality.

  • Reliability


    Strict product reliability tests help uncover flaws in system design and functionality.

  • Consistency


    Consistent high-performance through strict and rigorous testing.

Custom Build for The Right Fit

Full Range Solution

  • WiFi

    Wi-Fi 4/5/6 

  • Bluetooth


  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Combo

    Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Combo

  • Ultra Small or Other Sizes

    Ultra Small or Other Sizes

  • Normal or Harsh Environment Use

    Normal or Harsh Environment Use


Wireless Design-in Services

  • Up-to-date Driver

    Up-to-date Driver

  • RF Certification

    RF Certification

  • Optimal Antenna Design

    Optimal Antenna Design

  • Wireless System Performance Tuning

    Wireless System Performance Tuning

  • High Throughput Series

    High Throughput Series


Mass Customization

  • Laser Printing Customization

    Laser Printing Customization

  • Flexible Package

    Flexible Package

  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Modules

    Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Modules

  • Modulated Design

    Modulated Design

  • Flexible Bulk Package for Saving Shipping Cost

    Bulk Package for Saving Cost

World Class Certifications

EDIMAX has approval for more than 30 different countries or regions regulation certitication experiences. With this international multi-country certification experiences, EDIMAX can assist to get the certification upon request to shorten the product launch schedule and also save the huge application cost.

Short Time-To-Market Flow

  • Inquiry


    • Wireless Requirement: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Combo
    • OS Platform
    • OS Version
    • Certification Requirement

  • Product Selection

    Product Selection

    • Specification Version
    • Throughput
    • Form size
    • High Gain/Long Range
    • High Efficiency
    • Operating Temperature

  • System Performance Check

    System Performance Check

    • Owned Labs
    • Driver Integration
    • Wireless Performance
    • Throughput
    • Transmission Power
    • Receive Sensitivity
    • Radiation Pattern
    • Functionality

  • QC & RF Certification

    QC & RF Certification

    • Reliability Test
    • Performance Test
    • Quality Assurance
    • Certified in 25+ Countries and Regions

  • Production


    • World’s Leading Networking Solution Provider / Manufacturer
    • ISO 9001 & ISO 14000 Certified
    • Mass Production Process with Total Quality Management (TQM)
    • Fast and Flexible Service

Get your devices IoT ready with EDIMAX

You will no longer need to spend excessively on R&D resources and time

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