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Benefits of Embedded Solution

Edimax offers one-stop service to integrate wireless adapter with customer-centric design-in services for diverse industries. To address the market for IoT applications, Edimax embedded solution can be integrated with different types of wireless data acquisition solutions. Engaging with Edimax save your decision-making time and enjoy real-time service around the world.

Wireless Connection on Your Device

Develop Embedded Wireless Platform with Edimax
  • Automated Factory

    Industry 4.0 / IIOT
    ​Acquires data between machines

  • Smart Retail

    Collects all the data in moment

  • Smart Home

    Builds up smart life

  • Smart Warehouse

    Data Keeping in record

Builds the Right Fit


Value-added Wireless Connectivity Solutions

  • 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n

  • Multi Protocol (Combo)

  • Ultra Small Size

  • Integrated Antenna


Wireless Design-in Services

  • Wireless Driver Integration

  • RF Certification

  • Optimal Antenna Design

  • Wireless System Performance Tuning


Embedded Wireless Modules

  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Modules

  • High Throughput Series

  • Smart Mobility Series

Design-In Service: Short Time-To-Market Flow

  • Business Inquiry

    • Platform OS
    • Linux Kernel Version
    • Wi-Fi Function Requirement
    • Wi-Fi Certification Requirement

  • Product Selection

    • 11ac Dual-Band

    • Wireless 11n

  • ​​

    Performance Check

    • Integration and Testing for Wi-Fi Adapter Driver
    Wi-Fi Performance
    Total Radiation Power
    Receiving Sensitivity
    ​Radiation Pattern

  • RF Certification

    • Mandatory: FCC, IC, CE,, NCC, and so on
    • Testing tools and SOP Support

  • Multiple Production

    • Production Support

Key Requirements For Partner

  • Real-Time wireless data acquisition

  • USB interface/dimensions with device integration and connectivity

  • Full technology support shortens design and integration cycles

  • Presents strategies to deal with risk and uncertainty

  • Multiple country RF Certifications


IoT Partnerships

Cooperate to embrace the future of IoT World


Ultra-Speed with 11ac

Wireless 11n Speed


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