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Why Should You Join Us?


Edimax Knowledge Base Platform carries over into the digital world with learning center that features mentoring, sharing, and discussion. Many Edimax employees/partners together by training course are creating an unhindered flow of communication. New registers feel confident that they can get the help they need, while tapping into the knowledge and experience of established resources.

  • Flexible

    Just-in-time accessibility anywhere

  • Cost-Effective

    Ongoing access to key resources

  • Measurable

    Be easier to track and report on participation

eLearning for Register

Once you are being approved, you will immediately access our eLearning resources, such as networking knowledge, product information, case studies, webinar, video, and much more. Furthermore, if you choose to become a Certified Engineer, you can have added benefit of discount for doing the project.

Edimax Certified Engineer Program

  • Learn how to deploy Edimax products in your projects. 
  • Learn the strength and limitation for Edimax products. 
  • Being officially certified by Edimax as the Edimax Certified Engineer.
  • Get special discount on projects from Edimax.


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