Edimax Pro IAP1200 In-Wall PoE Access Point

The 3-in-1 In-Wall AP That Makes Complicated Simple

Transform any existing telephone or Ethernet jack into a Wi-Fi network.

Model: Edimax Pro IAP1200

Simply Blends In

It mounts discreetly onto a wall jack box and matches even the most tasteful decor.

Looks Great
Perfect Fit
No Wiring

Easy Installation

  • US Type

  • EU Type

  • 1. Take off the wall jack box’s faceplate and connect the cable to your IAP1200.

  • 2. Screw the IAP1200 into place.

  • 3. Cover with the included faceplate.

Where Do You Need In-Wall Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a key expectation for your customers. A high quality, fast Wi-Fi experience has been proven to increase customer satisfaction, attract new customers, encourage repeat customers and increases sales and productivity. Our in-wall AP delivers high-performance Wi-Fi and (critically) is designed to retrofit your existing interior.

  • Hospitality

    Wi-Fi is essential for travelers and business guests. A recent study reveals that over 90% of business travelers demand Wi-Fi in their rooms. The Edimax Pro IAP1200 upgrades existing telephone or Ethernet jack to Wi-Fi with ease and simplicity, ideal for lobbies, hotel rooms and meeting areas.

    • Perfect fit for existing interiors
    • High speed 802.11ac Wi-Fi performance
    • Instant mass configuration and deployment


  • Offices & MTUs

    High-density connectivity for BYOE (Bring Your Own Everything) workplaces with a high volume of users and Wi-Fi devices, and up to 32 SSIDs along with additional verification to boost business efficiency.

    • High density networking
    • No additional wiring needed
    • Seamless roaming
    • Features employee network and guest network for easy and secure management


  • Campus

    College campuses rely on Wi-Fi for efficient education and communication. 
    The IAP1200 retrofits existing Ethernet jacks in classrooms and public spaces, with no wiring or IT knowledge needed.

    • Ideal for crowded spaces
    • 3-in-1 for Wi-Fi, Ethernet and telephone
    • Easy installation and central management


Easy Mass Configuration and Deployment

In large-scale networks, APs are often in different locations. To save time with configurations, Edimax NMS (Network Management Suite) supports remote management and configuration, with customizable visual location maps.

Retrofitted Business Wi-Fi Solution

3-in-1 device with Ethernet, Wi-Fi and telephone line connections.
Central management and additional PoE Gigabit performance.

Ugur Goeksu
Edimax Sales Director

As business networking professionals, we learn from our customers' feedback. This in-wall wireless design is designed to meet our customer expectations and is perfect fit for market requirements.

Practical In-wall Design

  • Perfect fit for any decor

    ​Designed to blend discreetly into tasteful or high-end interiors.

  • Flexible Wi-Fi + Ethernet + Telephone

    ​Ideal for hotels, offices, campuses and apartment complexes, where both Ethernet and Wi-Fi is needed.

  • Easy Wireless Installation

    ​​Installation is fast and easy. The only tool you need is a utility screwdriver.

  • Convenient size

    ​​​Fits standard US and EU wall jacks.

Edimax Pro IAP1200 3-in-1 In-Wall PoE Access Point

IAP1200 is 3-in-1 device with Ethernet, Wi-Fi and telephone line connections that tailored to transform existing in-wall Ethernet jack into wireless Wi-Fi solution with ease, instantly upgrade business productivity and service advantages.

  • 802.11ac High Speed Dual-Band and Gigabit Speed
  • In-wall, Ultra Slim Design with Easy Installation Kit
  • Designed for High Density BYOE Usage
  • Multiple SSIDs up to 32 for Security Management
  • Supports IEEE 802.3af PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Central Management with Edimax Pro NMS (Network Management Suite)


  • US Type

  • EU Type

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