EdiGreen Plus 8-in-1 Multi-Sensor Indoor Air Quality Detector With PM2.5, PM10, CO2, CO, TVOC, HCHO, Temperature, and Humidity Sensors


  • Real-time Sensor Data: Obtain real-time PM2.5, PM10, CO2, CO, HCHO, TVOC, temperature, and humidity data.
  • Historical Data Tracking: Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly data of each sensor.
  • Push Notification Per Sensor: Set your warning mode for a specific sensor to track the change of different air pollutants. 
  • OLED Display: Provides indoor air quality status with real-time data. 
  • Remote Control and Improvement: Improve indoor air quality through the mobile App and remote management of a connected air circulation/ventilation system.
  • Multiple Connectivity Options: Supports RS485/Bluetooth/Dry contact connections in order to meet project requirement and “time to market” constraints.
  • Easy Integration: Offers a compelling solution for SI developers by creating custom management systems via easy API integration.  

8-in-1 | Comprehensive Air Quality Sensors

Indoor air quality with 8-in1 accurate multi-sensor function. Expect stable readings from temperature, humidity, fine dust (PM2.5 and PM10), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and formaldehyde (HCHO)


Beyond Air Quality Monitoring | Expand With Different Possibilities
Able to expand further with an array of connection methods and systems. Connect to an external air circulator with options such as
RS485 Dry contact, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


Sensor-to-the-cloud | State-of-the-art IoT System
The real-time data from the AI-2004W can immediately be fed to an air improvement system or transmitted to the cloud for further analysis. Each sensor can check the historical data, such as hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly conditions.

Intuitive Design | Effortless Management

Easy to read OLED display that provides vital information such as the live sensing data, right on the AirBox. For even more information, users can use the intuitive App or web based management system dashboard to obtain further readings and easily manage the AirBox system.



Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Wi-Fi Security WPA/WPA2
Antenna Type 1 Internal Antenna 
PM2.5 Sensor 0 - 500 μg/m3 ,min. 0.3μm , 
>100 μg/m3 , ± 20 %
<100 μg/m3 , ± 15 μg/m3 
PM10 Sensor 0 - 500 μg/m3 ,min. 0.3μm
CO2 (NDIR) 0-10,000 ppm, ± 30 ppm 
CO 0-500 ppm, ± 20ppm 
TVOC 0 - 1000 ppb, ± 15%
HCHO 0 - 1 mg/m3, ± 10%
Humidity Sensor 0 - 100%RH, ± 5% RH
Temperature Sensor 0 - 80°C ± 1 °C
  EdiGreen Plus
  • Real time Sensor Data: obtain real time PM2.5, PM10, CO2, CO, HCHO, TVOC, temperature and humidity data.
  • Intuitive display of the air quality of each air pollutant.
  • Historical Tracking: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly data of each sensor.
  • Selectable Display: Turn On / Off the LED display using App.
  • Alert / Push: Independent Push notification setting of each sensor .
  • Provides nearby outdoor air quality data information (AI-1001W V2/V3)
Power Adapter DC 12V 1A
Operating Temperature 0 - 40°C
Dimensions 135mm(W) x 135mm(H) x 35mm(D)
Weight 210g  



*Maximum performance, actual data rates, and coverage will vary depending on network conditions and environmental factors.
*Actual viewing resolution and frame rate of network cameras depend on connection speed.
*Product specifications and design are subject to change without notice.