EDIMAX - AP Controller - Network Management Suite (NMS) - Network Management Suite (NMS)

Network Management Suite (NMS)


  • ​Manage up to 8/16 Edimax Pro APs
  • Suitable for SMB/SME environments
  • AP array master/slave structure
  • Local or built-in RADIUS (AAA) support for user and guest accounts
  • Batch setup/configuration
  • Group firmware upgrade & restart
  • Channel/RF power/load optimization (auto pilot)
  • No additional PC required
  • Integrated in AP’s existing firmware with no additional license fee

Edimax Pro NMS (Network Management Suite) is a web-based wireless network management system. Company MIS departments can plan and manage Edimax Pro access points’ powerful functionality according to their office space using an easy, remote web-based interface which includes a dashboard, map view, traffic statistics and wireless client list for network-wide remote administration. RADIUS settings, WLAN group settings, access control, guest network settings and firmware upgrades can all be managed centrally from a single location to reduce network downtime, aid troubleshooting and optimize network performance. Zone plans and setup wizards are also available for expanding and managing large networks with multiple access points.

Edimax WAP1750 3 x 3 AC Dual-Band Wall-Mount PoE Access Point, Edimax Pro central Network Management Suite (NMS)

AP Array
Edimax Pro Network Management Suite (NMS) supports AP array architecture, which enables the central management of a group of access points. NMS can be installed on one access point and support up to 8 Edimax Pro access points with no additional wireless controller required, reducing costs and facilitating efficient remote AP management. Access points can be deployed and configured according to requirements, creating a network powerful network architecture which can be easily managed and expanded in the future, with an easy to use interface and a full range of functionality for company MISs.

​ <img alt="Edimax WAP1750 3 x 3 AC Dual-Band Wall-Mount PoE Access Point, AP Array" data-cke-saved-src="/edimax/mw/cufiles/images/products/pics/wap1750/features/WAP_AP_Array.jpg" src="/edimax/mw/cufiles/images/products/pics/wap1750/features/WAP_AP_Array.jpg" text-align:="" center;="" width:="" 800px;="" height:="" 686px;"="">

H/W Edimax Pro Access Point
License Free
Segment Entry
Console -
Managed Edimax Pro AP# 8-16
Managed IP Device V
Traffic Statistics Network Traffic/CPU Loading/Memory Usage
Guest Log V
Multiple Firmware Upgrade V
L2 Auto-Discovery V
AP Planning V
Locate AP (Buzzer/LED) V
WDS between APs V
Google Map Support V
Client RSSI Threshold V
Dynamic Channel Selection V
Auto Pilot (Auto Channel/Power) V
MAC Filtering V
Blocking Intra-BSS Traffic V
Rogue AP Detection V
Wireless L2 Isolation V
Captive Portal (Internal & External) V
Guest Account V
RADIUS Authentication V
RADIUS Accounting V
AP Load Balancing *
WLAN Station Bandwidth Limiting (Per-SSID) V
Ping/Trace Route V
Primary/Secondary Controller Support *
Active AP 8/16
AP Groups 8/16
WLAN Groups 8/16
RADIUS Accounts 256
RADIUS Groups 8/16
Access Control (White-Black List) 256
Access Control Groups 8/16
Guest Newtork SSIDs 50
Guest Network Groups 8/16
Guest Accounts 8/16

*Q4: Available in 2015 Q4
*O máximo desempenho, as velocidades de dados reais e a cobertura variam consoante as condições de rede e os factores ambientais.
*As especificações e concepção do equipamento estão sujeitas a alterações sem aviso prévio.
*Câmera de rede: A resolução real de visualização e a taxa de quadros das câmeras de rede dependem da velocidade da conexão.