Wireless AP Controller


  • High Speed Interface: Supports gigabit ports & USB 3.0. 
  • Easy Installation: Rack/wall/desk-mount design with easy installation kit and five-step setup wizard.
  • Scalable Architecture: Manages up to 200 Edimax Pro access points including both indoor & outdoor APs.
  • Easy Centralized Management: Web-based software for remote AP configuration and control.
  • AP L2/L3 Management: Supports batch setup and configuration with group firmware upgrade & group restart. 
  • RF Management: Graphical zone plan with Google Maps integration for easy custom AP deployment simulation, planning, live monitoring & configuration.
  • Robust Security: Built-in RADIUS (AAA) supports authentication & authorization for up to 512 user accounts.
  • Guest Access and Captive Portal: Supports user name & password-based authentication with independent guest network settings for bandwidth rates (upload/download), IP filtering,duration of use/account expiry and easy Front Desk system for account generation and ticketing.
  • Business Environments: Wide range of commercial applications such as offices, hotels, meeting rooms, schools, campuses, resorts, retail, shopping malls and others. Ideal for SMBs.
  • Supported AP Models: Edimax Pro CAP, WAP, OAP & IAP series

Scalable Wireless AP Control and Management for Mid-Sized Enterprise, Education and Hospitality.

Increasing mobile and Wi-Fi dependence produces new challenges for business and network operators. Networks need to be fast and accessible for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) but secure and reliable for mission-critical applications, as well as scalable, customizable and easy to manage and monitor. The Edimax Pro Series and the APC500 Wireless AP Controller APC500 are designed with exactly these requirements in mind. To meet today’s fast-changing boom-growth needs of business network architecture the APC500 offers high-performance, feature-rich wireless LAN management that’s cost-effective, flexible, fully scalable and designed for the demands of medium-size enterprise, education and hospitality environments.

Scalable Wireless LAN Deployment

Efficient management of up to 128 compatible Edimax Pro access points with easy configuration to deploy fully functional & scalable wireless networks in enterprise environments. The AP Controller + Managed AP architecture is a modular system that develops and multiplies according to your requirements with additional APs easy to integrate into the existing system.

Centralized & Remote Management

Easy, remote web-based interface with dashboard, map view, traffic statistics and wireless client list for network-wide remote administration. Group AP management, RADIUS settings, WLAN group settings, access control, captive portal, guest network settings and firmware upgrades can all be managed centrally from a single location to reduce network downtime, aid troubleshooting and optimize network performance.

Zone Plan with Google Maps

Plan & simulate AP deployment to determine the most efficient strategic locations for your APs. Network admins can use Google Maps or import custom floor plans for visual overviews of network setup, with easy drag-and-drop icons and quick access to key performance and monitoring information. A unified and intuitive interface that supports all Edimax Pro series AP and cuts out the learning curve. 

Secure Guest Access Management

Secure solution to manage temporary-user guest network access with different user authority levels including free, service level agreement, static users and dynamics users. Temporary accounts are issued printable, customizable tickets with time-limited access and the guest management system allows simple, time-saving batch account generation. Guest bandwidth management can be set according to SSID with functionality to monitor and log account usage metrics.

Customized Captive Portal

Acting as a central point of management and security, Edimax Pro APC500 with built-in guest access services that can be integrated easily into existing wireless network. To ensure only authorized guests can access the Internet, guests are automatically redirected to the guest login page. This guest captive portal can be customized to the company's look and style - and terms of use can also be displayed. 

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

No license fees, cloud-access fees or extra hidden costs. Working standalone and managing Edimax Pro networks locally doesn’t require any additional servers, software installation or specialist staff. Total cost of ownership (TCO) per wireless network deployment with the APC500 impresses even the most cost-restricted organizations. Guaranteed to provide unmatched WLAN ROI.

Edimax Pro APC500 Wireless AP Controller is a device with web-based wireless network management system. Company MIS departments can plan and manage Edimax Pro access points’ powerful functionality according to their office space using an easy, remote web-based interface which includes a dashboard, map view, traffic statistics and wireless client list for network-wide remote administration. RADIUS settings, WLAN group settings, access control, guest network settings and firmware upgrades can all be managed centrally from a single location to reduce network downtime, aid troubleshooting and optimize network performance. Zone plans and setup wizards are also available for expanding and managing large networks with multiple access points.

Edimax WAP1750 3 x 3 AC Dual-Band Wall-Mount PoE Access Point, Edimax Pro central Network Management Suite (NMS)

AP Array
Edimax Pro APC500 Wireless AP Controller supports AP array architecture, which enables the central management of a group of access points. NMS can be installed on one access point and support up to 30 Edimax Pro access points with facilitating efficient remote AP management. Access points can be deployed and configured according to requirements, creating a network powerful network architecture which can be easily managed and expanded in the future, with an easy to use interface and a full range of functionality for company MISs.​
Edimax APC500 Wireless AP Controller with Network Management Suite (NMS)

H/W Standalone
License Free
Segment Middle
WAN (LAN 0) Giga x 1
LAN Giga x 3
Console RJ45
Flash 8GB for log storage
Power DC: 12V / 1.5A
Power Consumption (Full Loading) 8W
Mounting Rack/Desk/Wall-Mount
Security Lock Kensington lock & U-bar lock supported
Reset V
LED Indicators 1.System
Environmental Conditions Operating Temperature: 0°-50°C (32°-122°F)
Operating Humidity: 90% max.
Dimensions 265(L) x 178(W) x 44(H)mm
Weight 1030g
Housing Metal case
Managed Edimax Pro AP# 1-128
Managed IP Device V
Traffic Statistics Network Traffic/CPU Loading/Memory Usage
Guest Log V
Multiple Firmware Upgrade V
L2 Auto-Discovery V
AP Planning V
Locate AP (Buzzer/LED) V
WDS between APs V
Google Map Support V
Client RSSI Threshold V
Dynamic Channel Selection V
Auto Pilot (Auto Channel/Power) V
MAC Filtering V
Blocking Intra-BSS Traffic V
Rogue AP Detection V
Wireless L2 Isolation V
Captive Portal (Internal & External) V
Guest Account V
RADIUS Authentication V
RADIUS Accounting V
AP Load Balancing V
WLAN Station Bandwidth Limiting (Per-SSID) V
Ping/Trace Route V
Primary/Secondary Controller Support V
Active AP 128
AP Groups 32
WLAN Groups 32
RADIUS Accounts 512
RADIUS Groups 32
Access Control (White-Black List) 512
Access Control Groups 32
Guest Newtork SSIDs 100
Mounting Bracket Rack-Mount Bracket Kit
Wall-Mount Kit
Power Adapter 12V / 1.5A Power Adapter
Cables Ethernet Cable
Console Cable
*Maximum performance, actual data rates, and coverage will vary depending on network conditions and environmental factors.
*Actual viewing resolution and frame rate of network cameras depend on connection speed.
*Product specifications and design are subject to change without notice.