4WAN + 1LAN Load Balancing Router





(End-of-Life Product)

  • Supports Inbound and Outbound Load Balancing by Bytes, Packet and Session  
  • Built in DNS Server and Auto Backup Connection  
  • Supports Layer 4  Bandwidth  Management  
  • Supports Virtual Server / DMZ / Access Control  
  • Supports VPN pass through / SNMP / MRTG 

Auto Load Balancing (Inbound/Outbound)

With real-time load sharing and load balancing, BR-6641 intelligent routing engine directs each session or connection to the best available link. It also supports policy-based routing, persistent routing, and traffic scheduling to effectively translate your business policy into your network policy. It enables MIS staffs to schedule and arrange each user’s connections and usage inline

with company policy


WAN Outbound Fault Tolerance

BR-6641 Provides 4 WAN ports for internet connection . The function provides you not only increase bandwidth but also backup internet connection each other. Whenever a link fails or is unstable, traffic is automatically re-routed to other healthy and available links to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. After the faulty link resumes functioning, on-line traffic is redistributed across all available connections to optimize the network performance.


Multi-Homing (Inbound Fault Tolerance)

Multi-homing provides a safeguard against failures in WAN links. Requests to the internal servers (e.g. WWW server) will be dispatched evenly on every live WAN link. If one of them fails, the internal servers can still be reached via other live links. .

Bandwidth Management
BR-6641 provides QoS towards both inbound and outbound traffic. You can set up to manage the traffic limit for a given TCP/UDP service (e.g. HTTP, FTP). This feature helps you allocate available bandwidth for each type of service and maximize the efficiency of your network.



  • WAN Type: Static IP , PPPoE , PPTP and DHCP.
  • Supports NAT and Static routing table
  • Multi-Homing:

                1. Fault tolerance (fail over / fail back)

2. Multiple domains

3. Multiple DNS per Domain 

4. CNAME Record

  • Outbound Load balance: 

1. By traffic weight 

2. By source/destination IP 

3. By Service port 

4. By weighted Round-Robin 

  • Policy based QoS: 

              1. By Priority 

2. By Source / Destination IP address 

3. By Schedule 

4. By Application 

5. By Service 

6. Min / Max data rate management

  • Supports Public IP pass-through.
  • Supports VPN pass-through (IPSec and PPTP).
  • Supports H.323 pass-through (For VOIP)
  • Supports Virtual Server and DMZ function
  • Supports RIP v1/v2
  • Supports DHCP Client / Server
  • Supports SPI Firewall and DoS attack protection
  • Supports UPnP

1. this is example



WAN Interface

4 X RJ-45 UTP Ports

LAN Interface

1 X RJ-45 UTP Port

Console Interface



Power , Link / Activity


Switching Power 12V , 1.5A


229 x 149 x 42 mm



Operating Temperature

0 ~ 48oC



*Maximum performance, actual data rates, and coverage will vary depending on network conditions and environmental factors.
*Actual viewing resolution and frame rate of network cameras depend on connection speed.
*Product specifications and design are subject to change without notice.