Wireless LAN 11b PCMCIA Card


(End-of-Life Product) 
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Key Features

  • Complies with IEEE 802.11b (DSSS) 2.4GHz specification.
  • High-speed data transfer rate – up to 11Mbps.
  • Based on the network environment-will dynamically shift among 11, 5.5, 2 and 1Mbps network speed.
  • Interoperable with IEEE 802.11b compliant wireless equipments.
  • Supports peer-to-peer communication among any wireless users, no Access Point required.
  • Auto fallback data rate in case of obstacles or interferences.
  • Supports RTS and CTS threshold control for better throughput.
  • WEP Data Encryption function.
  • Site Survey tool for scan all the APs nearby and easy to joint (double click the AP in the site survey list) any AP.
  • Firmware upgradeable by only change the driver.
*Kinerja maksimal, kecepatan data yang aktual, dan jangkauan tergantung dari kondisi jaringan serta faktor lingkungan sekitar.
*Resolusi visual aktual dan kecepatan frame kamera jaringan tergantung dari kecepatan koneksi.
*Perubahan spesifikasi produk dan desain dilakukan tanpa adanya pemberitahuan.