Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter


(For Middle East Only)

  • First-class reliability and maximum speed performance
  • Self-configuring 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet network connectivity through PCI Express slots
  • Superior power management capabilities
  • Simple installation
  • Compatible with all major operating systems
  • RoHS Compliant

Maximum Speed Performance
Imagine moving mammoth video, CAD or database files across your home or office network in seconds! The EN-9250TX-E network adapter for PCs with PCI Express slots offers the latest technology in power management and Gigabit Ethernet network connectivity capability. Edimax’s EN-9250TX-E’s full bandwidth capability boasts a robust 2.0Gbps capability through the PCI Express bus architecture. There’s no need to purchase a new switch or broadband modem because the adapter’s auto-negotiation feature works with your existing switch, broadband modem, or hub to provide the highest network speed available (10/100 or 1000 Mbps). The adapter’s automatic full duplex capability further increases bandwidth and eliminates packet collisions by allowing data to flow in both directions at the same time.

First-class ReliabilityLeave your dawdling adapter behind and upgrade to speed and reliability. The EN-9250TX-E’s exceptional chipset offers increased bandwidth and more functionality than other standard PCI network adapters. The adapter is specifically designed to carry the full bandwidth capacity of the PCI Express bus of 2.5 Gbps, thus eliminating collisions and latencies that exist with current 32 and 64 bit PCI bus architectures.

Ease of Installation & Configuration
The EN-9250TX-E offers ease and flexibility of installation and configuration of the adapter through Plug & Play technology. Simply place the adapter into the PCI Express slot in your PC and then turn on the PC; plug-n-play automatically detects the new device. Just follow the prompts on the screen to install the correct driver and you will be up and running in minutes! The adapter is fully compatible with Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet networks and the adapter’s 10/100/1000 Mbps auto-negotiation ports eliminate any need for manual switching. Best of all, the adapter is supported by all major operating systems including Vista and Linux OS.

Superior Power Management Capabilities
Wake up any computer on your network and help save the environment at the same time! The Edimax EN-9250TX-E provides Wake on LAN (WOL) and reduced power consumption through the active state power management features. The WON and active state power management features allow administrators to remotely wake networked computers and to set power consumption rates for periods of decreased bandwidth demand. The power management feature helps to reduce operating costs by reducing the amount of energy consumed by the adapter while in operation. In scenarios with multiple PCs, the hot swapping capability allows you to switch out the network card without ever powering down the machine.


  • Benefits PCI Express x1 slot compliant
  • Complies with IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.3ab standards
  • Auto-negotiation for 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet networks
  • Supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista and Linux OS
  • RoHS compliant
  • Wake on Lan (WOL) and active state power management
  • Link Aggregation (Trunking)
  • Hot Plug-n-Play ( Hot swapping)
  • Supports transmission s control protocol (TCP), user datagram protocol (UDP), Internet protocol (IP), and checksum calculations
  • Full duplex mode
  • Automatic MDI/MDIX crossover at all speeds


Model No.



IEEE 802.3/ 802.3u/ 802.3ab


x1 PCI Express operable in x1, x4, x8, x16


10/100/1000 Mbps twisted-pair RJ-45

Cabling Type

• 10BaseT: UTP/STP Category 3 or better

• 100BaseTX: UTP/STP Category 5 or better

• 1000BaseT: UTP/STP Category 5E or better


10/100/1000 Mbps auto-negotiation


Link or Activity 1000Mbps


CE, FCC, RoHS – compliant

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