5 Port Desktop Ethernet HUB


(End-of_Life Product)

  • 10Mbps UTP Ports  
  • Complies with the IEEE 802.3 10BaseT Standard  
  • Provides One Uplink Port  
  • Desktop Size

ER-5395P , one of the most compact 10Base-T hubs in the market, delivers a simple solution for expanding additional node. Users can easily expand to to four nodes without extra wiring cost. The saving is tremendous when considering the labor cost involved.

This hub supports all the features of a full-sized, standard 10Base-T hub, including automatic port partition, jabber function isolates network failure, polarity detection and correction, an uplink port, and extensive diagnostic LEDs.

Handy and low cost, the ER-5397P is your convenient node expander.


  • Complies with to IEEE 802.3 industrial standard.  
  • Perfect solution for small start-up network or extra-node expansion.  
  • Convenient uplink to another hubs through the UTP uplink port.  
  • Self-monitoring through jabber and auto-partition function automatically isolates network failure.  
  • Easy diagnostic through complete sets of LEDs for the entire system.

  • Standard : IEEE 802.3 CSMA / CD, 10 Mbps 
  • 10 Mbps Ports : RJ-45 x 5 
  • UTP Port : RJ-45 x 1 
  • Hub LEDs : Power , Collision 
  • Port LEDs : Link / Activity 
  • Operation Temperature : 32~131°F (0-55°C) 
  • Humidity : 10~95%(Noncondensing) 
  • Dimension : 1.18 x 5.05 x 3.27in (30 x 127 x 83mm) 
  • Weight : 180g / 0.41b (Power Adapter excluded) 
  • Power : 7.5VA,0.5A 
  • Certification : FCC Class B,  CE Mark, C-Tick
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