Smart Home Sensor Kit


  • Connects to your existing Wi-Fi network through Smart IoT Gateway.
  • Door/Window Sensor: Built-in reed switch able to work with 2.4G RF to send warnings immediately when doors / windows open or close.
  • PIR Sensor: Automatically alerts you when motion is detected. Broad coverage angle of 110 degrees.
  • Easy installation and attachment to places for worry-free monitoring.
  • LED indicators for pairing status and low-battery. 
  • Push alert when battery is low.
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The Ideal Smart Home Starter Pack

The WS-2000PK is consisted of one Smart IoT Gateway with two door/window sensors and one PIR heat-based motion sensor. The 4-in-1 starter pack can easily work over any existing Wi-Fi network and turn your house into a smart home. The WS-2000PK is designed to guard the safety of doors, windows, hallways, porches, balcony doors, and aisles. The sensors can be attached to any indoor place you wish to monitor, and instantly show you real-time status and events around your house on your smart phone. The WS-2000PK is simply the best all-in-one Smart Home Sensor Kit you’re looking for.

- One Smart IoT Gateway (WS-2000P)
- Two Door/Window Sensors (WS-2001P)
- One PIR Motion Sensor (WS-2002P)










Smart IoT Gateway.

Easily install the sensors and connect to the gateway automatically, and let the free EdiSmart app take care of the rest. Remote-monitoring, accurate detections of environment changes and instant notifications and alerts.


Affordable Home Automation.

No Installation Costs. No Monthly Fees.

Universal compatibility with any Wi-Fi router so you don’t have to install another home center or hub to manage your smart devices.

Works over your Wi-Fi network. Integrated with 2.4G RF multi-function sensors. One gateway can support different types of Edimax smart sensors, up to 8 of the same sensor type is supported.



Door & Window Sensors

Built-in reed switch works with 2.4G RF and connects to your existing home Wi-Fi network, with a slim design that’s ideal for narrow jamb doors and windows. Makes sure your doors and windows are shut so that pets can’t run out and get lost, valuables are safe at home, or you can even use the sensors on closet doors and drawers.

With the convenience of the door/window sensor you’ll be informed with push notifications when your loved ones arrive or leave home. When a door or window is opened or closed at night, you get immediate warnings to inform you of potential danger.



PIR Sensor for Accurate and Automatic Detection

The Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor is a high precision sensor that detects motion via infrared radiation caused by temperature changes – such as when a person or animal passes by – and sends push notification to your smartphone. It is designed to protect your house from intruders and avoid false alerts from movement such as shadows, street lights or branches swaying in the breeze.




EdiSmart For Easy App Control and Fast Deployment

Works with the free EdiSmart app to provide real-time notifications of events triggered by the multi-environment sensors. In addition, EdiSmart offers a range of other benefits such as customized voice commands to receive real-time data from the IoT gateway. Now available for Android and iOS.










WS-2000PK Smart Home Sensor Kit

Dimensions Sensor Gateway: mm(H) x mm(W) x mm(D)
Door/Window Sensor: 66 x 33.6 x 25 mm
PIR Motion Sensor: 66 x 44 x 25 mm


IEEE 802.3/802.3u, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Radio Frequency 2.4GHz


Smart IoT Gateway: 5V DC/1A
Sensors: AAA batteries

Operating range

Up to 40 meters indoors (WS-2000P, WS-2001P, WS-2002P)

Efficiency 3 meters over a 110-degree coverage angle (WS-2002P)
Management EdiSmart: free mobile app for iPhone, iPad & Android


The WS-2000P Smart IoT Gateway supports different types of Edimax smart sensors, up to 8 of the same sensor type is supported.
  The following sensors can connect to WS-2000P Smart IoT Gateway.
WS-2001P Door/Window sensor
WS-2002P PIR Motion Sensor
WS-2003P Temperature and Humidity Sensor (Sold separately. Not included in WS-2000PK kit.)
Operating Conditions 0–40°C


*Maximum performance, actual data rates, and coverage will vary depending on network conditions and environmental factors.
*Actual viewing resolution and frame rate of network cameras depend on connection speed.
*Product specifications and design are subject to change without notice.