16 / 24 Ports Gigabit Web Smart Switch Web Smart with 4 x SFP Module Ports

ES-5160G+ V2

  • Complies with IEEE802.3/802.3u/802.3ab/802.3z Standards
  • Supports IEEE802.3x Flow Control
  • Supports IEEE802.1q Q-in-Q Tag VLAN
  • Supports IEEE802.1p QoS
  • Supports QoS with 4 Priority Queues
  • Supports Port Mirror
  • Supports Per-port Shaping, Policing and Broadcast Storm Control
  • Supports Multicast/Broadcast/Unknown-Unicast Storm suppression
  • Supports 340KB (ES-5160G+) / 500KB (ES-5240G+) on-chip frame buffer
  • Supports 8K MAC address entries
  • Supports 9600byte Jumbo Frame
  • Supports 802.1x Network Access Security
  • Provides Web-base Management
  • Provides 19” Rack-mount size

The Switch is a cost-effective web smart switch that meets all IEEE 802.3/u/x/z Gigabit, Fast Ethernet specifications. It is equipped with 12 or 20 ports 10/100/1000Base-TP and 4 dual media ports of optional 10/100/1000Base-T or SFP modules. The switch can be managed through Ethernet port using Web browser, the administrator can log in the switch through network to monitor, configure and control activity of each port. In addition, the switch implements the QoS (Quality of Service), Port Mirror, VLAN, LAN security, Multicasting video stream protocol, and SNMP v1 like. It is suitable for SMB application.

QoS with Four Priority Queues
The QoS(Quality Of Service) feature provides four internal queues to support four different classifications of traffic. High priority packet streams experience less delay inside the switch, which supports lower latency for certain delay-sensitive traffic. The swith classify the packet as one of the four priorities according to 802.1p priority tag, DiffServ and/or IP TOS. The QoS operate at full wire speed. The actual scheduling at each egress port can be based upon a strict priority, weighted round robin or a mix of both.

Multicasting VLAN reduce the multicast video streaming traffic in DVB application
Multicast VLAN is designed for applications (such as Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)) using multicast traffic across an IP Ethernet network. The feature allows one single multicast VLAN to be shared among different subscriber VLANs on the network. This improves bandwidth utilization by reducing multicast traffic in the subscriber VLANs and simplifies multicast group management.

4 Dual Media Ports for Flexible Fiber Connection
Four dual media ports are provided for flexible fiber connection. You can select to install optional transceiver modules in these slots for short, medium or long distance fiber backbone attachment. Use of the SFP will disable their corresponding built-in 10/100/1000Base-T connections.

802.1x Access Control Improve Network Security
802.1x features enable user authentication for each network access attempt. Port security features allow you to limit the number of MAC addresses per port in order to control the number of stations for each port. Static MAC addresses can be defined for each port to ensure only registered machines are allowed to access. By enabling both of these features, you can establish an access mechanism based on user and machine identities, as well as control the number of access stations.

Model No.




IEEE-802.3, IEEE-802.3u, IEEE-802.3ab

Gigabit Port


Mac Address


Buffer Memory




44(H) x 441(W) x 130(D) mm







10~90% (Non-Condensing)


FCC Class A, CE Mark


Switching Capacity

  • Supports Gigabit Ethernet Ports with Non-Blocking Wire-Speed Performance
  • Supports Trunking Fail Over
  • Supports 8K MAC address
  • Supports 340KB (ES-5160G+) / 500KB (ES-5240G+) on-chip frame buffer
  • Supports 9600byte Jumbo Frame


  • Supports SVL/IVL configuration
  • Supports Port-base VLAN, Tag-base VLAN


  • Supports Layer 2/Layer 3 Classification
  • Supports 802.1p QoS
  • Supports Priority in a Q-in-Q Tag

Bandwidth Control

  • Supports port based bandwidth management with ingress and egress rate from 128 to 3968 kbps.

Port Trunk

  • Supports Port Trunking with 8 Trunking Group (ES-5160G+) / 12 Trunking Group (ES-5240G+)
  • Provides Each Group Up to 8 Gigabit Ports (ES-5160G+) / 8 Gigabit Ports (ES-5240G+)

Broadcast Storm

  • Supports Broadcast Storm Suppression

Port Mirroring

  • Supports One Port Mirror Multi-port
  • Supports Port Sniff function with 3 modes: (TX Monitor, RX Monitor, RX-TX pair Monitor)

802.1x Network Access Security

  • Provides Multi-host Authentication based on Port-based
  • Provides Mac based Authentication with Radius Server
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