Upgrade your existing SP-1101W/SP-2101W. If you are our users of EdiLife app, you still have to download EdiSmart app for connecting Amazon Alexa.


EdiSmart Account Sign-Up

Download the EdiSmart app and sign up an EdiSmart account for controlling your smart plug.


Connecting the Smart Plug

Building the connection between your phone and smart plug.


Firmware Upgrade and Ready to Link to Amazon Alexa

If you see the message for upgrading firmware, please continue and then go back to step 2 to setup. Now you are ready to link to Alexa Skill.

Kind Reminder
Make sure that your Amazon Tap and/or Amazon Echo Dot is set up and connected to Wi-Fi

Make sure that your Smart Plug has been setup and connected to the internet. To do that, please refer to "SP-2101W/SP-1101W Quick Installation Guide"


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