EdiView Finder for Network Cameras  

EdiView Finder for Network Camera

About EdiView Finder

EdiView Finder is a Windows and iOS utility to find and configure network cameras connected to a local network. This utility is included on the CD-ROM in the package contents of your camera and can also be downloaded below. For guidance on using EdiView Finder, please refer to the quick installation guide/user manual for your network camera.

EdiView Finder for Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Updated: December 14, 2012
Version: v1.0.10
File Size: 1.29MB (zip)
Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian

EdiView Finder for Mac OSX
Updated: December 06, 2012
Version: v1.0.09
File Size: 0.976MB(zip)
Languages: English, Chinese