Your Trusted Partner Going Beyond Expectations

For 30 years, Edimax has been dedicated to networking people together, empowering people and engineering better-connected lives for everyone. As your trusted partner, Edimax is always committed to go beyond your expectations.
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Networking People Together

  • Share and Connect
    Edimax is dedicated to provide solutions that give people the power to share and stay connected. Our work for three decades has engineered better-connected lives for us all.
  • Leading the Way to Success
    People choose Edimax’s award-winning, no.1 recommended high-performance routers, range extenders and USB adapters – because of our pursuit of innovation and better connectivity around the world.
  • Your Trusted Partners
    Cooperating with 300+ partners across 75 countries, our technology and your support enables us to create new networking experiences and continue as your trusted partner, always committed to go beyond your expectations.

Edimax’s Approach to Shared Values

People and Culture

Our greatest and most sustainable long-term competitive advantage is our employees. As Edimax continues its steady growth and global expansion, the belief in the DNA of our people is what set us apart from others.
  • Integrity
    At Edimax, integrity is our foundation. People are our most important element, and integrity is our first priority and an integral part of company culture. Business depends on relationships and we’re committed to winning the long-term trust of our customers, creating a customer-focused mentality where our people work together to deliver quality products and services, as well as creating a healthy and stable work environment for our employees.
  • Quality
    I’m fascinated by how we can use technology to engineer better and more- convenient lives. At Edimax we endorse a culture and atmosphere of innovation that will keep us at the forefront for years to come. We’re committed to keep moving together with innovation, quality and market- experience to go beyond our customers’ expectations.
  • Service
    For Edimax, market leadership means more than just profitability and market share. We believe that a world-class company should also adhere to high standards of conduct. Creating corporate culture of harmony is one way we truly believe that employees and the company can connect to one another, and foster a healthy long-term and mutually productive partnership.
  • Innovation
    As a sales representative, I am proud that whether customers look at our employees, products or services, our core company values can always be seen. Our practicality enables us to execute our values and strategy in the real world, and maintain and deliver the highest standards of quality. We have truly evolved into an organization where practical application is as important as our core values themselves.

Environmental Care and Social Responsibility

  • Environmental Sustainability
    We take great care to respect the environment and assume a shared responsibility for environmental welfare. Our AirBox pilot program has deployed air-quality monitoring units into over 600+ schools to protect children’s health.
  • Monitor Air Quality Anytime and Anywhere
    World‘s first integrated air monitoring solution.
    1000+ schools deployment to protect children's health by 2016.
    Real-time detection for hyper-local air pollution data.

Three Decade of Progress

For 30 years we've worked to provide solutions that give people the power to share and stay connected, working together with our partners and engineers to empower and network people together.

Global Reach and Presence

  • 100,000,000+
    Better-connected lives

Taking Giant Leaps

  • Leading the way from wired-to-wireless networks
  • No.1 range extender brand
  • No.1 USB dongle market share

Transforming Values

Tailor made enterprise network solutions to deliver value for maximum operation efficiency and productivity.
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Education Solutions
  • WISP Solutions
  • Hospitality Solutions

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