Gemini RE11 AC1200
Dual-Band Wi-Fi
Roaming Range
with Simplify

Edimax’s dedicated to tailor networking solutions that give user the joy to share and stay connected. The RE11S simple and elegant Wi-Fi roaming range extender let you truly enjoy exceptional Wi-Fi experiences with ease.

  • What's the problem with traditional range extenders?
    Traditional Wi-Fi is setup with a router and extender, and a separate network (SSID) for each. But as you move around the home – especially upstairs or downstairs – the Wi-Fi device will usually still remain connected to the weaker Wi-Fi signal with lower performance. You'll experience an unstable home Wi-Fi connection while moving around your home and interruptions to video streaming, calls, gaming etc. You need to manually re-connect to the nearest range extender or router for the better signal.
  • What's a Wi-Fi roaming range extender?
    Wi-Fi roaming range extenders are designed to solve this problem and provide a seamless home Wi-Fi connection. The Edimax Gemini RE11 Roaming Extender Kit enables your extenders and access points to work together to form an intelligent mesh network on a single SSID, so when you move around your home your device will always be connected automatically to the best available Wi-Fi signal. There's no need for manual re-connections.
  • Is it easy to replace and upgrade my existing home Wi-Fi?
    Yes, it's very easy. Just plug and play with a quick 3-step setup, and within a minute you'll be ready to go. There's zero configuration required.
  • Why Edimax Gemini Home Wi-Fi Roaming Kit?
    It's a smarter, stronger and faster home WiFi solution. The Kit contains two RE11S AC1200 dual-band Wi-Fi extenders that are designed to upgrade and extend your existing Wi-Fi without replacing the router. The RE11S extenders build an intelligent mesh with single a SSID and automatically detect and switch your device to the best available Wi-Fi signal. It's a much more natural and seamless experience. You can move freely in your home without signal drops or switching between SSIDs. Additionally, RE11S extenders designed for easy home Wi-Fi, Edimax RE11’s are 3-in-1 devices that can function as Wi-Fi Extenders, Access Points or Bridges depending on what you might need in the future. And it works with any router – easy!.
Always Connected to The Best Wi-Fi Signal
Edimax’s Gemini home Wi-Fi roaming solution is tailored for seamless smart-home Wi-Fi, simply pair your Gemini RE11 range extenders together for a stronger Wi-Fi connection with supercharged 802.11ac speed. And our new roaming-router and range-extender pair will also be available soon as the latest addition to the Gemini series.
  • AC1200 Whole Home Wi-Fi system
    • Gemini RG113K
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    • Gemini RG112K
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    • Gemini RE11
    • Gemini RE11S
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  • AC2600 Home Wi-Fi Solution with MU-MIMO
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