Wi-Fi Everywhere in Your Home
Your existing router may not have Wi-Fi coverage for your whole home. The Gemini whole home Wi-Fi system can reach every corner of your house and builds a wonderful home Wi-Fi experience for you and your family.
Stay Connected to the Best Wi-Fi Signal
Always stay connected to the strongest Wi-Fi without buffering or losing connections. With mesh signal, family and friends can enjoy the mobility and convenience of Wi-Fi across your whole home.
Any Type of Home is Fine
Gemini whole home Wi-Fi system is available in a range of packages that work for any home: one, one plus one, or one plus two Gemini devices. Expanded Wi-Fi coverage for any home.
    Home type 1
    Home type 2
    Home type 3
Gemini RG113K is ideal for: 
  • Two or three stories and lots of walls.
  • Homes with brick, concrete or basements.
Gemini RG113K is ideal for: 
  • Two or three stories and lots of walls.
  • Large, long or square rooms.
Gemini RG112K is ideal for:  
  • Single or double-room apartments.
  • Two-story homes with metal construction.
Easy Setup. Done.
Just launch Edimax iQ Setup from your smartphone and setup can be finished in minutes. Other Gemini devices will sync with auto-grouping, with no other settings required.
Keep One Wi-Fi Name with Seamless Roaming
Seamless roaming between Wi-Fi as you move around your home so there's no need to setup and connect to different Wi-Fi names for different rooms. The entire system uses the same single Wi-Fi name for your whole home.
  • Wi-Fi_1
    No Roaming Wi-Fi     
    Multiple network setup with unstable connection while you
    move room to room and need to switch Wi-Fi manually.
  • Edimax
    Seamless Roaming Wi-Fi
    Features single network (SSID) setup, it automatically detects
    and switches your device to the best available Wi-Fi signal.  
    Auto Grouping Management
    Roaming Wi-Fi to All Mobile Device
Auto Grouping Management
Supports auto-grouping multiple Gemini devices for easy setup and management. 
Roaming Wi-Fi for All Mobile Devices
All of your iOS and Android devices can enjoy seamless roaming with one Wi-Fi name.
Utilize Home Space
The wire-free wall-plug design not only saves space at home, but naturally decorates your house.
Level Up Home Wi-Fi to 11ac
No need to make-do with your old 11n router. With Gemini devices, you can level up your Wi-Fi to the latest 11ac for super-speeds and high performance. Everyone at home experiences better streaming, gaming and 4K/HD videos.
Smart Home
Gemini whole home Wi-Fi system improves Wi-Fi reliability at home for all popular smart home devices: smart plugs, home sensors or wireless cameras. And Gemini whole home Wi-Fi system makes the hottest home voice control services such as Amazon Alexa, work better.
Your Own 11ac Speed Options
The Gemini whole home Wi-Fi system runs the latest 11ac standard for ultra-fast wireless speeds. Up to AC1200 or AC2600  is available, so you can choose the devices that are best for your home.