Wireless Range Extenders / Access Points / Bridges

WHDI Caster

  • Single-room Full HD (1080p) wireless video streaming
  • Zero-setup, plug-and-play installation
  • Supports any HDMI device
  • Works as a wireless projector server

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Transmit Uncompressed Full HD (1080p) Video Wirelessly
The future is now! The Edimax WD-1000TR WHDI Caster allows you to transmit uncompressed Full HD (1080p) video wirelessly from your HDMI media device to your TV. With the WD-1000TR, you have greater flexibility in HDMI device placeme nt, and no longer will messy cabling destroy your home decoration. The Edimax WD-1000TR WHDI Caster not only gives you wireless freedom and uncompressed video streaming, it is compatible with any HDMI media device on the market.

High-Quality Wireless Video Streaming
As video latency is a critical issue for game play, gamers will especially enjoy the WD-1000TR WHDI Caster’s high-quality wireless video streaming capability. With latency less than one millisecond, the WD-1000TR WHDI Caster’s video streaming quality is as good as connecting the devices directly with an HDMI cable. Gamers can stream video content wirelessly from a PC, Xbox 360, or PS3 to a large TV with the WD-1000TR and enjoy a perfect wireless gaming experience.

Zero-Setup, Plug-and-Play Installation
The WD-1000TR WHDI Caster’s zero-setup, plug-and-play installation allows you to set it up in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is connect the WHDI transmitter to an HDMI device and the WHDI receiver to a TV, and the transmitter and receiver will establish a wireless connection automatically. There is no need to memorize complicate setup procedures at all.

Works as a Wireless Projector Server
The WD-1000TR WHDI Caster’s high-quality wireless video streaming capability allows it to be used as a wireless projector server. Business users can easily set it up in a conference room for an untangled and smooth flowing meeting. No cable is required between the projector and the HDMI-enabled computer.

Supported HDMI Video Input
Supported Digital Audio Formats
Transmission Range
  • 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p
  • Up to 6Mbps AC-3 and DTS
  • Line of sight: 10 meters, depending on specific environment
System Latency
Operating Frequencies
  • Less than 1ms
  • High-performance omni-directional internal antenna
  • 4.9 - 5.9GHz (non-DFS and DFS frequency bands) for US & EU
Power Supply
Operating Temperature
  • WD-1000TX: USB inline power from PC or 5V USB power adapter
  • WD-1000RX: 100 - 240V AC in, 5V/2A DC out power adapter
  • CE, FCC
  • 0 - 40oC





AV Interfaces

HDMI Input

1 (Type A)


HDMI Output
1 (Type A)
Power Input
5V mini-USB port
5V DC jack
Switch & Buttons
Power Switch
RF Channel Selection
Power LED
Status LED
Unrecognized Video Format
1 LED & OSD display
Signal Strength Status
OSD display


82.6 x 84 x 38.9 (mm)

181 x 145 x 33 (mm)

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