Wireless 802.11b/g 3G Broadband Router with Print Server (End-of-Life Product)

(End-of-Life Product)

  • Shares 3G connection or xDSL/Cable connection with network users
  • Supports xDSL or cable broadband backup when 3G is not available
  • Provides 2 USB 2.0 Ports for UMTS/HSDPA mobile Internet service and Printer sharing
  • Includes 16-languages EZmax setup wizard for Internet connection, wireless security and firmware upgrade
  • Complies with the IEEE 802.11b/g wireless standards
  • Supports WEP, WPA, WPA2, DDNS, QoS, Anti-DoS Firewall, MAC/IP filter, URL blocking, Virtual Server and DMZ

Overview Specification Download
Shares 3G/3.5G Internet connection and printer*
3G-6200Wg is a high speed wireless 3G broadband router. When connecting 3G/3.5G USB modem card** to 3G-6200Wg, all network (wired / wireless) users can share 3G/3.5G Internet connection. 3G-6200Wg can support 3G/3.5G speed up to 7.2Mbps. You can also connect with a printer as 3G-6200Wg is also a print server allowing users to share the printer through the network. It is a multi-functions broadband router.
Internet connection backup
3G-6200Wg supports automatic backup function. When connecting with xDSL/Cable broadband, 3G-6200Wg will enable the xDSL/Cable broadband connection automatically when 3G/3.5G Internet connection is not available.You can surf Internet anywhere and anytime via Edimax 3G-6200Wg.
Complies with wireless 802.11b/g standards
3G-6200Wg is built in with wireless 802.11b/g access point. It allows wireless 802.11b/g client devices access the Intranet and Internet. All wireless users can surf 3G/3.5G Internet freely within the coverage. 3G-6200Wg lets you enjoy the double wireless connections.
Supports LPR and IPP printing methods
3G-6200Wg provides LPR and IPP printing methods. You can choose the best printing method according to your environment to share your printer.
Easy setup with EZMax Multi-language wizard
A unique multi-language setup wizard is included in the installation CD. You can setup the router to the Internet within minutes by following the simple animated steps
* Please check the printer compatible list
** Please check the 3G/3.5G USB modem card compatible list.




  • 1WAN + 4LAN 10/100Mbps UTP Ports
  • 2 USB 2.0 for 3G/3.5G USB Modem card & Printer
  • LED Indicators: Power , WLAN , WAN , USB , 10/100Mbps and Link/Activity
  • Reset button
  • RP-SMA Detachable 3dBi Antenna
  • Supports Remote Management
  • System Status and Security Log (Web Interface)
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • DC 12V, 1.5A




  • Supports 3G/3.5G UMTS/HSDPA
  • Supports cable/xDSL modem
  •  Ethernet WAN protocol: PPPoE/Static IP/PPTP/Dynamic IP/L2TP/ Telstra Big Pond
  • 16-language EZMax Setup Wizard
  • 4 MB NOR Flash
  • 32 MB SDRAM


Output Power & Receive Sensitivity



  • NAT/NAPT IP Sharing
  • 64/128-bit WEP Encryption and WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK security
  • DHCP Server/Client
  • MAC/IP Filter and URL Blocking
  • SPI Anti-Dos Firewall
  • 11g: 16 ± 1dBm
    11b: 18 ± 1dBm
  • 11g: -74dBm, 11b: -87dBm
  • 10-90% (Non-condensing)
  • 0~45 Degree Celsius




  • Supports AP, Bridge and WDS mode
  • Port Triggering for Special Applications
  • DDNS (DynDNS, TZO) , WMM and QoS
  • Virtual Server and DMZ
  • Static Routing
  • UPnP
  • VPN Pass Through (IPSec/PPTP)
  • 192 x 115 x 29 mm
  • CE, FCC


An example of how the 3G-6200Wg can be setup:
• Connect the 3G/3.5G USB modem card to 3G-6200Wg router USB port ***
• Connect a computer to the LAN port and setup the Internet connection by running the multi-language setup wizard.
• Connect printer to the USB port .
• Share the Internet connection by connecting wired or wireless computers.
• Share the printer with network users .
*** You can connect 3G-6200Wg router WAN port to your Ethernet (RJ45) cable/xDSL modem as a backup.


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